1. Start your session at Sunbeam Vintage right, create a wishlist. You can save items you love by clicking the heart icon on the right hand side of the product you wish to purchase. Once you have created a wishlist. Go ahead and create an account and sign in.

Tap the heart icon to start creating a wishlist

2. Once you have finalized your wishlist, you can view it by tapping the heart on the top right of your side of the menu.

3. View your wishlist items, create an account, and share it with friends, family, and our team by copying it and pasting it into our Out-of-State Shipping form.

4. Share your items with us by copying and pasting your URL in our form where it says "Wishlist Form URL". This will allow us to see what you have featured.

5. Submit the form with any additional pertinent information to your order.

This does not mean that your items are reserved or saved. Items sell out all the time, so it is best to reach out to us with any questions or immediate requests.


Explore our collection of pieces handmade in Los Angeles exclusively for Sunbeam Vintage!